Much Ado About Nubbing

How's the line from that Burns poem go? "The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry," I think. Given that my grandiose New Year's cigar plans didn't include provisions against Mr. Murphy and his insidious Law, I should have foreseen the utterly absurd comedy of errors that would ensue. A brief timeline of events:

7:49 - My bro shows up with his family. We immediately turn on the oil-filled radiators to get the garage nice and toasty.
8:14 - The fuse(s?) in the garage blow
8:32 - We arrive at Lowe's to find it's closed. Luckily, the grocery store carries the fuses I need.
8:50 - The fuses are replaced, but no f!@#ing juice!?!?

Combined with sub-zero wind-chills, this sudden lack of power in the man cave forced us to forego our New Year's cigars. No big deal, there's always tomorrow or the next day to enjoy a cigar, right?


Instead, I would up with a terrible cold, sleeping 16 hours Saturday. As if I couldn't feel worse, it occurred to me on Sunday that I probably just tripped the breaker for the garage. Sure enough, we could've had our cigars after all.

It's now Wednesday, and after an illness-induced, weeklong cigar hiatus, I'm finally feeling healthy enough to indulge. Here's hoping your New Year began as seamlessly as the Padilla Miami 8 & 11 Churchill I'm enjoying. Did you smoke anything good?

-Hayward Tenney


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