Is "cigar fasting" a good thing?

I don't know about you, but if you're a daily cigar smoker, do you ever "Jones" over not having one if you can't smoke for a day or two, or more? The reason I bring this up is, since I'm now with my two sons every other weekend, I refrain from smoking cigars for obvious reasons. (Maybe that will change when the weather is warmer and I can go out on the deck.) As an everyday cigar smoker, I thought I'd miss not having a cigar for a couple of days, but I don't. Perhaps it's because the three of us keep pretty busy most of the time, so I'm not thinking about cigars that much.

However, on Monday, I can't wait to light-up. That Monday morning cigar usually tastes pretty good, too. If there's any advantage to this change in my lifestyle, I suppose it's that my palate gets a bit of a rest. The other scenario that applies is when I get that rare cold.

I've also noticed that this "fasting" concept works in my "alter ego" music life. If I practice every night, I continue to improve as a musician. But if I give my hands some rest from the piano and the guitar for a few days, my skills seem somewhat sharper when I return to practicing. (Other musicians I know have concurred with me on this.)

If I could, I would probably smoke cigars every day without interruption. On the other hand, many health-conscious people believe that regular meal fasting is good for your health, so maybe "cigar fasting" is good for you, too.

Your thoughts?



Aficionado said…
After smoking a lot of cigars over Christmas I've started (for the last couple of years) having a month off Feb/March and having a cigar on my Birthday. The first week I do actually notice side effects of the withdrawal and I miss them for a couple of weeks but after that I generally feel a lot better. Perhaps on year I won't start back up again?
Anonymous said…
I stopped smoking after 28 years. I did not smoke at all for 1 year and after that I would buy a cigar when me and the wife went to Fl. on vacation. I used to smoke 8 Backwoods cigars everyday. Sometimes more andf I inhaled. Now I only smoke if the weather is warm or I have a very comfortable place to smoke. I might go a week without a cigar.
Now my wife still smokes a pack a day. If I dont have a cigar I dont crave one but I do miss having one. I love a good smoke after a good dinner and me and the wife sit outside and talk for the 30 to 45 mins for a good cigar. I dont inhale any more it is just for the flavor and enjoyment of a good tasting cigar. It went from an addiction to a ver enjoyable hobby.
Anonymous said…
I can't taste much of a cigar when I have a cold. Similarly, I never smoke 2 cigars back to back because my palate/taste buds/sinuses get a little dull. I smoke 2-5 cigars a week and the best ones are always after a day or two off. You're spot on.

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