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by Gary Korb

If you follow the happenings on the website, you may recall that this past Sunday (June 3), Famous Smoke Shop co-hosted a golf outing with Camacho cigars at Whitetail Golf Club in Bath, PA. It was a smash success, too. All of the players had a great time, and though it rained later in the day, even that didn't dampen their sprits. But I digress.

In advance of the tournament, we were sent the cigars for putting into the gift bags: Camacho Select, Camacho Coyolar Puro and Baccarat Rothschild, all of which are made by the Eiroa family in the Jamastran valley of Honduras.

On Saturday (June 2), there was a Camacho cigars tasting in the Famous cigar store and I had the chance to smoke one of the Baccarat Rothschilds. I've always liked the Baccarat cigars for their mildness and sweet creamy taste, but I hadn't smoked one in a while. They tend to be popular with new cigar smokers, mostly for the reasons I just stated, plus they have these buttery wrappers that are incredibly inviting. The smoke was really delicious and relaxing, and even though it was mild in body the cigar also had plenty of flavor. It burned well with a firm grey ash and I liked it so much, I wondered why I don't smoke these cigars more often. (They're really good in the morning with coffee, too.)

Suffice it to say, the next day at the golf match that's all I smoked. I went through three Baccarat Rothschilds and each one was as good as the next. I guess what I'm leading up to is something I've touched on before. If there are any cigars you haven't smoked in a while that you remember as being very satisfying, go back to that cigar every now and again. With all the new cigars coming out each year, it's not surprising to discover that in moving on to the next best thing, we sometimes forget about the last best thing.


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