Dave Blanco is alive and well...

...and coming to a cigar store near you. Back in April I posted a blog titled, Where in the world is Dave Blanco? In case you don't remember, David Blanco, with his father Cesar, are the manufacturers and distributors of Los Blancos cigars. I mentioned how I had met him in Nicaragua last December, how we hit it off, and was wondering why I hadn't heard from him.

Well, about three weeks ago I finally did hear from him, and he explained why he was incommunicado. Between four return trips to Nicaragua since December, he's been visiting cigar stores all over the country promoting his line. This guy really works the circuit. Moreover, Los Blancos cigars are sold only through cigar stores, not catalogs.

We finally got the chance to meet again last week after one of his tasting events in Allentown, PA. It was a beautiful night and we sat out on my deck and talked well past midnight while enjoying his cigars. I had a Los Blancos Sumatra. David said it was great with coffee, and he was right.

This morning I tried the Los Blancos Connecticut, which was equally stunning. I'm slowly working my way through the four-cigar sampler he gave me, and if the last two cigars are an example of what he can do, then I'm really looking forward to the Los Blancos Criollo and the Maduro. (David also turned me on to another cigar he makes called Primos. I was totally wowed by this dark, earthy cigar, but more on that another time.)

Suffice it to say, it was great seeing David again, and I look forward to spending more time with him at RTDA-Houston in August.

To find out when and where David Blanco will be showcasing his cigars near you, visit the Los Blancos Cigars Events page for a complete listing of cities and towns.


Jim's Place said…
How can I send you a cigar photo?
Davepoolguy said…
I had the chance to meet Dave Blanco at a Los Blancos event at Absolute Tobacco in Katy, I would have to say the best cigar shop in the greater Houston area. How cool would it be to spend the final moments of the Super Bowl with Dave Blanco! I DID! He is one of the greatest, hardworking and down to earth owners of a cigar company I have ever met, and I have met a few. And Dave if you ever read this, make sure you bring the glass back next year...Punk!...lol!

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