Just what I'd expect from Jesus Fuego

Several months ago I was at a party where a good friend handed me a Jesus Fuego Gran Reserva No.1 Belicoso. I had heard talk of Jesus Fuego having gone out on his own, but this was the first time I had the chance to see the real deal.

In case you don't know who Jesus Fuego is, I first met him several years ago when he was blending for U.S. Tobacco. At that time they were making some excellent Honduran blends, including Don Tomás, Astral, and Helix. I even did an interview with him where he spoke about how developed the Talanga Cubano wrapper which is still used on the Olor Fuerte cigars. From there he went to work for Rocky Patel where he helped turn out some legendary blends like the Rocky Patel Vintage 1990 & 1992 cigars and the Olde World Reserve.

In short, he's probably one of the most talented cigar blenders working today, and equally as nice.

Fuego made the decision to step out and launch his own brand in December of 2006, so his cigars are still relatively new to the market. They're produced in two selections: Jesus Fuego "Natural" in a shade-grown Criollo wrapper, and the "Gran Reserva No.1" with a Corojo wrapper.

The 6" x 54 Gran Reserva No.1 Belicoso had one of the most gorgeous Corojo wrappers I've ever seen. Dark and oily with an attractive reddish patina. The smoke was thick, creamy and marvelously smooth. The flavor was predominant cedary and somewhat sweet with an appealing earthiness. I'm sticking my neck out here, but this cigar was as close to a classic Cuban as anything I've ever smoked, and maybe in some ways even better.

Of course, I expected a good cigar from Señor Fuego and I was not disappointed. I wish Jesus only the best, and look forward to seeing him in August at RTDA in Houston.

You can find more information on Jesus Fuego cigars at Cigahs.com.


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