It takes a kid

Although I'm really dating myself here, some of you reading this may remember the Art Linkletter Show. It was on TV in the afternoons, and I'd watch it after school. There was a segment called "Kids say the darndest things," which I believe Linkletter also published as a book and later produced as a TV series.

Mr. Linkletter would have a group of four or five kids, from about 6 to 9 years old, sitting in chairs on a riser so that they would be eye level with him. He would ask them questions about a variety of subjects, and they'd come up with cute answers, which almost always got a big laugh out of the audience. So what does this have to do with cigars?

The other day, I was out on the deck removing the band from a cigar. It was a big band with lots of gold on it. I think it was a Punch Magnum. My six-year-old likes to collect the bands, which he keeps in a little Ziploc bag. He and his big brother, my nine-year-old, were both on the deck at the time I removed the band in question.

"Here's another one for your collection," I said as I handed the little guy the band. At that point the nine-year-old said, "It looks just like a wrestling belt!"

All those years and hundreds of cigar bands later, not to mention being a one-time WWE fan myself, I never once looked at the bands in that regard. I guess it takes a kid to come up with something like that.

~ G.K.


Anonymous said…
I have a nephew who used to collect my cigar bands specifically to use as wrestling belts for his WWF action figures.
Doug H.

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