A cool refreshing drink with cigars

By Gary Korb

I remember seeing a survey a few years back which reported that the number one drink preferred by cigar smokers was single malt scotch. I think Port was number two. I like a good drink with my cigar, too, especially Port, and sometimes I'll even have a beer, but I don't always want to have an alcoholic beverage when I smoke. I certainly can't have one at work when I'm smoking a cigar to review, so I usually just have a boring bottle of spring water.

Then, last month I came up with a terrific drink that goes great with a cigar, and it's non-alcoholic, too. I was headed for my deck, cigar in-hand, and I needed a drink to go with it. It was too early in the day for a hard drink, and I wasn't in the mood for a beer. Moreover, sodas like Pepsi, Sprite, root beer or ginger ale are usually too sweet and their flavors distract from the flavor of the cigar. My "usual" drink is a Stoli Citros & tonic with a wedge of lime, squeezed. So I decided to have just the tonic with lime, but I didn't have any limes. However, I did have a bottle of Rose's Lime Juice. When mixed properly you get just the right balance of tart and sweet, plus the effervescence of the tonic water makes the drink very refreshing.

Here's the recipe:
A high-ball glass filled with ice (crushed or cubed)
Pour in the tonic water of your choice (I prefer Schweppes)
Add a splash (or about a 1/2 oz.) of Rose's Lime Juice
Add a slice or wedge of lime for a little extra zing and color
One quick stir. The bubbles from the tonic disperse the lime juice naturally.

Basically, it's a "Lime Fizz" with tonic instead of soda water. You can add more or less lime juice and/or tonic to suit your taste, and you can even use a slice of lemon in lieu of the lime. The thing is, you don't want it too sweet. You can even swish the drink between puffs to clear the palate, sort of like a sorbet between courses.

That's it, and it's fantastic! Try it the next time you light-up your favorite cigar.


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